If you’re making an international relocation to London, I’m making your move more festive with the London Relocation agency’s version of the Twelve Days of Christmas! The next line in the original is: “On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me seven swans a-swimming.

Please join me in now singing our Christmas carol:

The Swan in West London – London Relocation agency

“On the seventh day of Christmas, London gave to me…


Among London’s infinite pubs is The Swan at 66 Bayswater Road, the only pub to overlook Kensington Gardens. Its central location does make it a haven for tourists, but even if you’re moving to London and interested in the more local scene around your apartment, you can’t fail to appreciate The Swan’s history. Established about four centuries ago (!), it’s said that prisoners were once brought to the pub for a last drink before they were hung at nearby Marble Arch. Yikes! This brings new meaning to the phrase “one for the road,” which refers to this last-ever drinky-drink; it’s also the origin of the phrase, “on the wagon,” which refers to when the prisoners went back into the wagon to travel to their execution. The pub also provided a last stopping point for stagecoaches on their way to London’s city centre. Recently renovated and serving classic British pub fare, may The Swan make your spirits bright with its spirits (and ales, and wine…) after your relocation to London.

Now, to continue our caroling:

“…shot geese fileting,
five Olympic rings!
More calling plans,
pretty fresh hens,
sea turtle tanks,
and a cartridge to hunt in country.”

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