As an accompanying spouse who relocated to London for my husband’s job, I didn’t realize the extent of how challenging it would be to acclimate to a new life abroad with respect to my professional and personal life.  Belatedly, I became acquainted with Robin Pascoe through LinkedIn, who, as a long-term trailing spouse, has written a collection of books on expat living.  I’ve previously recommended Robin’s book, A Movable Marriage, and now am delighted to learn that she’s developed an online series of lectures addressing the emotional trials and tribulations of moving internationally that compound the sheerly logistical ones—and making a success of it!

Titled Successful Living Abroad, the series tackles all the hot buttons such as loss of identity, anger and resentment toward one’s spouse, and expat parenting when one is moving abroad with children.  Reestablishing who you are in an entirely new context is not as easy as all those supportive folks who say to you, “Oh, think of it as an adventure!” tend to believe when you’re justifiably concerned about finding work, friends, etc. after your international relocation.  Far easier said than done by those on the outside looking in, but when you’re the one living it, you’re the one who has to make it happen.  As Robin will tell you in her abundance of print and online resources, it isn’t all gloom and doom (it is a grand adventure, after all!), and, indeed, some may fare better than others.  The fact remains, however, that it’s better to anticipate what issues could arise so that, if they do, you’ll be prepared and thus better suited to take them on productively and positively.  It’s all about holding your head above water as you turn that doggy-paddle into an Olympic-qualifying breast-stroke :).

Robin Pascoe’s Successful Living Abroad series can be found at both of the following websites:

The staff here at London Relocation Ltd. are likewise all expats living here.  Having each moved here for different reasons, we can offer you plenty of advice on the varying degrees of personal tolls such a relocation had originally taken and how we individually persevered to make our London move an enriching and terribly fun experience!

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