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Since moving and working here, I’ve been so giddy to have discovered the website Anglotopia. Dedicated to die-hard anglophiles (that’s people who love England; get your mind out of the gutter…), this is your prime online resource for UK pop culture, history, travel, and on and on—it’s ideal even (if not especially) for those having to worship Britannia from afar, and a fine homage to the country I’ve come to genuinely love from right up close.

If you’re relocating here, it gets even better. Anglotopia founder, Jonathan Thomas, has now launched…(wait for it)…LONDONTOPIA!

(Maybe my all-caps/bold/italics/exclamation point would’ve had greater impact had I not already given away “Londontopia” in my blog title…so much for nail-biting suspense.)

Anyways, yes., dedicated to endless goings-on occurring in this English capital every day. If you’re at all apprehensive about moving or, on the contrary, peeing your pants to get over here, then as long as this resource indeed mirrors the quality and comprehensiveness of its sister site, you’ll get to immerse yourself in your future environment and be apprised of its news in advance.

So we’re already feelin’ the blog love for this new site as it’s a perfect complement to us here at our blog, where we aim to help you plan out your move and prepare for your finding that apartment so you can live that blissful life in the Utopia that is here in the UK :).

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