Well, it’s not as dramatic as your move to London, surely, as ours is just within the city. And just down the road at that.

New office space is something we’ve been working on for a while, but which will finally reach fruition this coming Monday, 31 January.

For as quaint as our existing location is, it’s become a bit more cramped with our successfully growing business—and even we have to admit, it’s a tough one to find; I remember getting lost trying to find it for my interview! And I’ll elaborate on the aspect that has made this place a navigational challenge simply to provide you with a bit of London historical know-how (you know from my Weekend Warrior Sundays how much I love to preach British history to you 🙂 ). You see, our current office is located in what Londoners know as a “mews.” Mews buildings are situated along alleyways off of main roads and behind larger Victorian terraced houses as they use to serve as stables and servants’ quarters for the affluent homeowners occupying the larger adjacent homes (in America, we know these as “coach houses”). These buildings have since been converted into homes and, in the case of ours, commercial space. Ironically, a mews home is more expensive than the smaller London apartments the larger terraced houses have been divided into, so these days it’s typically the more affluent who occupy where the animals once slept! I’ve always wondered what our upstairs space was utilized for…whether servants slept here or if it was used for storage. It’s really cool, too, to see how the neighboring mews houses still retain their original doors for pulling in the carriage—I suppose some might still be used as a garage, but many will convert this space into an additional room for more space. The doors have to stay, though, per city mandates that they be preserved for historical posterity.

Whoa there, horsey. Enough of that sidetrack! Back to business matters. Again, as of Monday, 31 January, London Relocation Ltd. will moving its office from

16 Lambton Place
London W11 2SH

…to just down the road on Westbourne Grove:

Westbourne House
14-16 Westbourne Grove
London W2 5RH

Right off the main road, still close to oodles of good shops and restaurants to pop into if you get the chance, and allows for plenty of expansion as our business grows to provide even more of you stellar services to facilitate your move!

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