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Today is an exciting day for blog-kind, as I’m pleased to introduce a new contributor to the London Relocation blog, Belinda! Our aim is to provide you with even more comprehensive coverage of what a move entails as well as the lifestyle going beyond that point. And having grown up here, Belinda is a brilliant resource for all its ins-and-outs—she is also an avid world-traveler, so can offer insight from a global as well as local perspective.

In the meantime, you can trust that I’ll continue yammering on from my American-Expat-in-London viewpoint, sharing with you my own experiences of the city, fun goings-on, and empathetic advice on assimilating when you’re not from these parts, which Belinda will be addressing as well.

So with this resource at hand in combination with our social network and one-day apartment search and bank account setup,  we truly are your one-stop-shopping!

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