In the wake of recent guests arriving from Pesaro and my own holiday last week in Rome with my parents, I look back on these travels and see another common denominator besides Italy—namely, Stansted Airport.

Stansted! I say it with fist raised to the sky and in the tone of Jerry Seinfeld whenever he referred to his nemesis, Newman:

If you’re moving to London, you’ll want to take advantage of all the traveling opportunities it has to offer. And if you’re traveling often, you’ll want to take advantage of all the discount traveling opportunities out there. The most popular discount airlines in and out of London are RyanAir and easyJet, which both fly out of Stansted, Luton, and Gatwick airports. Of these, Stansted and Luton are a bit more of a trek than Gatwick from central London, and for whatever reason Fate has deemed it that most of my flights depart from and arrive at Stansted :(, as I just did as of last Friday.

At any rate, here are transportation options to and from Stansted:

TrainStansted Express service from/to London Liverpool Street Station, at £37.60 total for one-way or £53.40 roundtrip. It runs every 15 minutes through 12:30am.

Bus – *best bus option* EasyBus service from/to Baker Street Station, at probably £13.00 or £14.00 total, and running every 20 minutes.

OR – National Express service from/to Victoria Station, at £20.00 total, and should run about every 20 minutes.

Hired Car – I recommend an EXCELLENT service that has always been on time and most professional for us and many of our visitors (they know and love us so well by now…). Their name is, straightforward enough, To And From Airport Service, and it will probably cost just under £60.00 total one-way.

As for travel times, the train is the fastest at about 45 minutes. The bus is longest at at least 1.5 hours, though the car maybe a bit shorter than that since it cruises directly; bear in mind, however, that road travel is at the mercy of traffic, so travel times may vary.

Another factor is the Tube—if you travel by train or bus, you won’t be getting home directly, so you must allow time for transferring to the applicable Tube line and waiting for/riding that to your final destination. If it’s closed (between 12:45-1:00am) when you return to London at any of the above Underground stations, you’ll have to cab from there if it isn’t within short/safe walking distance.

Safe (and sane) travels to you from London Relocation!

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS