Author: Colleen

I emerged from my flat this morning to an overcast yet pleasant morning and walked to the Tube station.  When I then emerged from my destination station, I looked up into rain drops spitting in my eyes.  Over the course of my 5-minute walk to the office, the rain grew heavier then lighter then disappeared altogether.  When I looked out the window a half-hour later, there was sun.  Now, clouds.  No wait…sun.

So here’s the deal.  If you’re not originally from London and looking to move here, you’ve surely heard of its notorious weather.  Fear not.  I have lived here long enough to realise that the bad rap London weather gets is not entirely justified.  Given my above experience within the span of less than an hour, I see where the complaints come from, but still do not find them warranted.  The spring we just enjoyed was gorgeous, with more consecutive days of sunshine than I have ever experienced in the States.  I’m a Chicago native–don’t even challenge me that the weather is worse anywhere else on the globe.  Really.  I come from a land where temperature can shift 40 degrees Fahrenheit over just two days, from 50s and blustery to 90s and humid.  It constantly wreaked havoc on my sinuses, to the point I thought my face would implode.  In London, however, the climate is temperate, consistent, so even if it may get cooler a little earlier in the fall than back home, it’ll never plummet to the freezing depths of sub-zero temps in the winter; rather, at Christmas time, you can still enjoy a splendid day strolling around outside doing your window-shopping.  Sure, it may rain a lot in the fall, but you won’t be trudging through snow and slush come February (okay, with the exception of that fluke snowstorm this year.  Every kid deserves a snow day at some point in their lives, after all).  And when it does rain, it is not typically of the all-day downpour variety–instead, a lighter, often misting shower for a few minutes before the clouds part and there is sun once again.  And so the cycle may continue…lather, rinse, repeat.

The locals are pros, so just follow their lead.  Many just tough it out without head-cover, others produce umbrellas seemingly out of nowhere (mini, portable ones are sold just about everywhere).  Just figure that it’s all good for the skin, an effortless moisturising regimen.  And besides, London Relocation Services will be helping put a roof over your head, so you’ll be dry at home in no time 🙂

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