“London Relocation—this is Colleen.”

“Yeah, hi.  I’ve got your London Relocation blog on the other line.”

“Our blog?”

“Yes.  It’s our understanding that you just flew in this morning from Chicago on an overnight flight and are operating on little to no sleep, so it called and said it wants its remotely useful content  back.”

“Ah!  Yes, yes that’s good of you to ring.  But unfortunately I cannot accommodate that request at this time.  Please hold…”

It’s my day to truly PHONE IT IN, after all.

But a word of advice if you’re relocating to London from a timezone several hours behind:  Overnight flights into London will get you over the jet-lag faster if you can limit yourself to a short nap and power through until a normal bedtime that first night.  Such is what I’m presently doing, which is putting my five functioning brain cells  into overdrive, but will encourage them to prosper all the better by tomorrow, when I will hopefully have some semblance of an informative blog post to share, derrr… 🙂  In any case, if you’re making the flight from a time zone several hours ahead instead, schedule a late-afternoon/early-evening flight that will get you here in the evening so you only have a few hours to wait before getting to tuck yourself into bed for the night.  Either way, any naps that you find necessary during the subsequent day should be limited to no more than 2 hours; otherwise, you’ll sabotage your overnight sleep and require more days to acclimate to the local time.

In the meantime, I’m off to get that nap in so my brain will no longer be left off the hook…Happy Monday!

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