All the planning of moving to London is over and you’re living in London and you have a good idea of how to get around your new city. It’s now time to get settled in and find the perfect London rental, register with a doctor and get your children into the local school.

London Flats

This is not a type of useful walking shoe. In London an ‘apartment’ is called a ‘flat’. An apartment building is a block of flats. If you are going to be spending a number of years living in London, you may want to consider buying a home there. Property prices continue to rise in this city and it could be a worthwhile investment. Renting a flat can be a process if you have not opened a bank account yet. There is a lot of paperwork and as a foreigner it might be useful to get a rental relocation agent to help you find our perfect rental. The price of renting depends entirely on the area. The postcode you choose to live in can be the difference of thousands of pounds, so be careful before choosing a trendy postcode. The best advice is to find a London relocation agent who can find you a flat within walking distance of a tube station or bus stop.

Choosing a School

This also depends on where you choose to live. Local schools are zoned and you’ll have a hard time getting your child into a school in another postcode or suburb. This may have a large bearing on where you choose to live. State schools in England are public schools in the US. Public schools in England are known as private schools in the US. Children start school at the age of five and can leave after their GCSE exams at the age of sixteen. Further study of two years is required to get into a university (college) in England.

Housing and schooling will definitely be linked if you are moving here with children. Not all state schools are equal but you’ll be paying a huge amount in rental to attend one of the best state schools.

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