You’ve settled into your new rental and you’re becoming accustomed to living in London. Good for you! Now it’s time to get out and explore like a real Londoner: on foot! You’ll probably have noticed that you do a lot more walking than you did back home. And while you might not fancy the idea of spending a Sunday afternoon walking the city streets, it really is the best way to experience the city.

You can choose to go on a guide walk, but finding your own way through the streets of London will leave you with a sense of pride and achievement. There are a number of walks that you can do alone or in a small group. They are not guided but you can purchase a guide book which will give you detailed route maps and interesting information about the area and the history.

If you’re not much given to museums then a self-guided walk is the perfect way to get a little history and culture while you’re learning about living in London.

Time Out has a number of excellent books that cover self-guided walks around London, or you can choose to buy your own books that have very detailed and descriptive guides on specific subjects.

Shakespeare Walk: While many people visit the birth place of William Shakespeare in Stratford-upon-Avon, it is a great tourist attraction. You can walk the street of London where Shakespeare lived and worked for much of his life. This guide contains several walks that take in some of the big tourist attractions as well as giving you a detailed insight into life in Elizabethan times and the importance of William Shakespeare to the entertainment world today.

Jack the Ripper Walk: Take a step back into Victorian London with this East End walk through the very streets where the infamous jack the Ripper lured his victims to their deaths. Still the most famous unsolved mystery in the city.

There are other walks that take in the River Thames, or delve into Dickens’ London. The variety is endless, so grab yourself a guide and walk off Sunday lunch while you are living here.


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