Living in London means that you will have the opportunity to attend some of the greatest sporting events in the world that are held at some of the most famous sporting venues. Moving to London can be a sports lover’s dream and you will have the chance to learn about different sports as well as indulge in a bit of history and tradition while you are at it. Just in case you think all of these articles are written by chicks (well they might be indeed) who have poor understanding and less interest in sports, be aware that many women in London have a keen interest in sports and are avid sports fans.

The Beautiful Game: Football

Football in the rest of the world is not football in the United States or Canada. You might have to get used to the fact that soccer is football across the world. England is ‘footy’ mad and nearly everyone has a local team that they support, even if they prefer another sport such as rugby or cricket. Supporting your local team is something of a tradition in England and although London is not home to Liverpool (oddly, the home of the Liverpool Football Club is in Liverpool!) or the famous Manchester United, there are a number of world class London teams that you should know about. Arsenal and Chelsea are two of the oldest football clubs in London. Chelsea has been at Stamford Bridge since they were founded in 1905 while the other teams have moved home a number of times. Supporters move with the team! You could also have a look at the professional teams of Crystal Palace and Fulham if you are looking for a team to support.

The best way to learn about football is to attend one of the weekly matches of the English Premier League and get a Londoner to explain the rules to you. You might find that they are far less complicated that AFL rules and that there is a greater degree of skill needed, but perhaps I could be treading on toes here. The most important part of football fever is to find a team that you like and support them at your local pub. It is what the locals do and you will soon be wearing the right colour each Saturday afternoon and shouting yourself hoarse with the thousands of other fans across the country.

Oh, and one other tip to fitting in with football: Learn the ‘offside rule’ just as quick as you can!

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