If you’re living in London, then you’re probably well aware of the awesome convenience of its public transport system. The underground, taxis and buses do a fantastic job of making the city and its environs easily accessible. Admittedly, though, there are times when public transport might not be a feasible option. Whether it’s because you’re too far from a station or if you’re alone and it’s late at night, perhaps you’d be more comfortable with your own form of transport rather than using the Tube. Which means getting a car or a bicycle (though for the purposes of this blog, let’s keep it at car). First of all, you’re going to have to get your license sorted out (on a side note, your American license will be good for a year before you’ll have to get a UK one). Before you even go for lessons, you have to get what’s called a ‘provisional license’. Then you take the theory test, for which you’ll have to pay £31.00.

Depending on your abilities behind the wheel of a car, you might have to take lessons before you do the practical test for your license. It’s a pretty good idea to take the lessons if you’re an American moving to London, particularly if you originally drove back home in the States, as you’ve no doubt got old driving habits from back home that might not carry over comfortably to England. A glaringly obvious example would be the left side/ right side of the road differences between England and America. There’s more than a few people out there who, as they turn right, can’t help but unconsciously drift from the left side of the road over into the right. It’s the kind of the thing that will certainly see you getting a fail mark in your practical examination. Just to be safe, get driving lessons so that you can have those kind of habits driven out of you. Then book your practical drivers’ test, for which you’ll have to pay £62.00. It’s generally a good to have your driver’s license as not having it can be an inconvenience at times. But if you’re new you might want to add a GPS device to your shopping list too, just to put off getting lost in the big city.

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