Moving to London means you’ll be looking for a London rental apartment as soon as possible. If your employer is going to find you an apartment for a short while, then you’ll have the chance to look around at the different areas and types of properties that will suit you and your family. This series of articles gives an in depth review of the London rental business, and how to go about renting an apartment or house if you are a foreigner who is moving to the city of London.

There are a number of different types of rentals in London. You can choose to rent an apartment that is fully furnished with all the furniture and kitchen appliances that you will need. If you know that you are going to be living in London for a number of years, and may want to buy property, then this may be the perfect option for you. It will give you the chance to really look around and you won’t be burdened by having to go and buy appliances or furnishings until you are really settled and have found the home that you are looking for.

There are also a number of partly furnished apartments available. A partly furnished apartment will provide you with the basic furniture such as cupboards, chairs and tables. Beds are not usually provided, and there are no kitchen appliances provided in a partly furnished rental. An unfurnished rental is exactly that. There are not furnishings at all and you will either have to go and buy everything you need or have you furniture shipped from you home country. It should be noted that kitchen appliances in America and Canada are much larger than the ones that you will find in most London homes. It might even be impossible to get your fridge through the door of most London apartments, and it is not an uncommon sight to see removal companies using a crane to hoist furniture through a top floor window!

You will have to weigh up the cost of shipping all of your belongings to England compared with the cost of buying new ones once you get there. Appliances are not particularly expensive and you should be able to pick up what you need quite quickly. If you can then you should try and find some furnished accommodation on a short lease, so that you will be able to look around for a permanent home, and have time to get your belongings shipped to England. If you don’t want to have t do all of this yourself then you should consider using a relocation agent who will be able to take care of all of the details for you, before you arrive so you can just pick up the keys, move in and start to have some fun in your new city.

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