Once you have stepped off the plane and you’ve started living in London, there are a couple of admin issues that you should get done as soon as possible to ensure that you’re settled as fast as possible and can get out and enjoy your new city and your new home.

Register at the Council

Just as soon as you have found your perfect new London rental you need to make sure that you contact the local council to register you at that address, not only will it help for future financial dealings, like opening bank accounts, but will also help you at the your local doctor and on the National Health Service in an emergency. You will have to pay council tax while you are living in London and they will need an address to send the bills to.

Register with a Doctor

Choosing a local doctor is quite important when you arrive in London. You’ll have to register as a local surgery to be provided with health care. Most doctors don’t take walk in patients, so getting registered means that you can see your doctor whenever you need to instead of going to a public health clinic.

Register for Power

You don’t have to go with the first power services provider in your area. There are a number of excellent power utility companies that provide very competitive rates and services. There are nearly 20 companies providing electricity and gas across England. UK Power Networks and NPower are two electricity and gas providers in London.

Register for TV

You’ll have to get a TV license when you arrive, remember that your televisions license is registered to your address, not you as a person, so if you move home, you have to change your address details with the BBC licensing department. You can do all of the paperwork to apply for a television license as well as renew your license and change your flat address online at the BBC licensing website and they will post your license card to your new address.

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS