When you’re moving to a foreign country then the fastest way to get yourself a little culture is to dive into the local music scene. When you’re moving to London however, it’s a little different. Living in London is like living in a world in one city. There can’t be a music style or cultural mix more diverse than London has to offer. It has a style all of its own and yet you cannot categorize it as a style.

If you’re looking for a live music experience then you’re in for a treat. We have the widest range of clubs, bars and pubs offering live music in many different styles. Perhaps that is the defining aspect of culture. Everyone loves going to the pub for a good ‘knees-up’ and a party! Whenever it is time to get out of your new flat and experience London with your ears.

All of the international acts come here, so if you’re looking for big arena tours from massive musical celebrities then you’ve come to the right city. The 02 Arena and Wembley offer a home to the stadium performers and you’ll have to rush to get tickets for your favorite act or they will be sold out in minutes.

There are a number of smaller theatres and venues for a more intimate musical experience. But if you want to experience live music with a lot of soul then you have to hit the clubs and bars that specialize in delivering high quality music performances every night of the week.

Many bands and musicians start their careers in London and thousands of aspiring musicians hit the circuit in London every year to try and make it big. Who knows, this could be your chance to say you saw them BEFORE they hit the big time.

Living here is about wringing every last drop of adventure while you are here. You don’t have to stick to tourist attractions to get the most out of it. Explore your neighborhood, delve into your community and above all…Have some fun while you are around here!


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