Moving to London can be a pretty big challenge to undertake, even with the help of relocation agents. The difficulty of moving to somewhere new, getting to know new people, having to acclimatize yourself to a new locale with a strange culture, all of this and more can add up to making the big move a daunting experience. It’s always reassuring then to have some advice at hand from relocation services to help you with whatever issues you might face, even if it is advice regarding the most obvious issues that arise during moving.

Sorting out a bank account certainly falls under the ‘Obvious Issues’ banner. It’s one of those things that might get lost amongst the rest of the moving tumult, but it can throw up huge issues once you’ve completed your move. The best thing to do is to open one before you’ve even packed your bags to leave for your new home as it’ll be one less thing for you to worry about once you’ve settled into your new flat.

Get yourself sorted out with GPS. Remember, you’re in a new city. It’s only expected that you’ll have some trouble getting around. One of the many benefits of living in the 21st century is that the quality of technology can make your life so much easier. If you need to find your way around so that you can get to work or enjoy a night on the town, GPS means that you run less of a risk getting lost. After a while, you’ll be making your way around the city like you were born there.

Get a cell phone. Unless you’re fortunate enough to have one that will work anywhere you go, go for the pay-as-you-go option. Contract options can be expensive so-pay-as-you-go might be a better fit for you.

All simple things and there’s more that can be added to that list, but it’s a good start. It’s an old saying but get the simple stuff sorted out and the big things will look after themselves. Bearing that in mind will make your moving a happier and less stressful experience.

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