Living in London means that you’re joining the population of one of the world’s busiest cities. Londoners are always in a rush to get somewhere, and even if they have nowhere to go, they are still in a rush. When you have moved into your new London apartment you’ll want to take time to enjoy your new home and neighborhood.

Saving Time & Money While You’re Living In London

  • Home Help: Some people may consider employing a cleaner or ‘char’ as they are sometimes known in the UK, as slightly extravagant. I think it’s a worthwhile investment and it will save you masses of time on cleaning your flat. The thing about dust is that it tends to mount up over time, no matter how tightly you shut the windows. Employing a cleaner once a week or even once a month will help save your weekends for more important items; like relaxing and exploring your new city. Make sure you check references before you hire a cleaning person; your best bet is to ask around your building or neighborhood for a good recommendation. Prices range from about £10 per hour for a minimum of two hours per day. Well worth it!
  • Online Shopping: Just do it! You can order your groceries online, pay for it and get it delivered right to your kitchen counter while you are living in London. The biggest advantage about shopping online is the amount of time you’ll save instead of having to trundle round the shops after work or on your precious weekend. Save your shopping time for browsing quirky markets and exploring the city. Having your groceries delivered means that you don’t have to lug them home on the tube or bus either. Nothing like carrying an armful of groceries on the tube during rush hour – try it once, and you’ll be converted to home delivery in an instant. Most of the big supermarket chains have online shopping and home delivery on their websites.

You need to start living here like a local, and that means saving as much time as possible so you can get out and enjoy everything that this great city has to offer.


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