Finding the right place to live when you are moving to London is going to be your first step. It’s important to start thinking and researching before you make the move so you have a good idea of what you’re looking for when you touch down for your adventure. You need to establish what your needs are before you arrive. Not only will it narrow the search, but if you are using an agent to help you find your new rental, it will give them a better idea of what to show you.


What do you really need close to your home? Are you moving with children? Schooling and community activities will be a huge factor in deciding where you are going to live. The further away from central London that you live, the greater your need for transport will be. If you’re single and like to party then you may love living on the busy and bustling High Street, but if you like your peace and quiet then you may want to choose a apartment that is slightly off the main streets. There is no absolute when you’re moving here, but it is important to figure out what YOU want before you arrive.

Singles need to pay particular attention to safety, especially if you’re female, and choosing an apartment close to work and in central  may be better than having to face a long tube rid home late at night. Just spend some time before you move to establish what you want out of your experience.

Many people choose to use a relocation service to help them get settled as fast as possible. It’s like having a friend on the ground before you leave home, and your relocation service will be able to narrow down the search based on your personal preferences so you do not waste time house hunting, but have the opportunity to get out and explore your new city.


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