The words of the Sting song ring true for everyone who is living in a foreign city. Living in London can be challenging for people who are used to doing things differently. You might have found the perfect London apartment for rent, but getting used to the way of life in London might take a bit of time. Most expats and in particular, American expats find that there are a number of subtle (and some not-so- subtle) differences between the two countries and cultures.

The first thing you need to remember is that it IS a different culture. Despite speaking the same basic language, the English way of life is very different to life in the United States or Canada. It is vital that you start learning the language, the different names for items and the nuances of language that will give you a better understanding of British English. It won’t take you long before you’ll be taking out the ‘rubbish bin’ instead of the ‘trash can’ and developing an English accent.

Getting used to living in London is all about accepting the fact that you are living in one of the biggest cities in the world. There are people who are rude, and people who are extremely friendly. You can have a day when you are jostled and bumped on the tube or a day when everyone seems to smile at you and help you get to where you need to be. For the most part Londoners are open minded and friendly, and since there are hundreds of thousands of expats living and working in the city, you won’t stick out like a sore thumb!

Stick To Pounds

Once you have completed your move to England, you will have to stop converting everything to dollars to see what you are paying. You’ll have a heart attack every time you go to the shops, since it will be twice as expensive if you convert back to your home currency. Living here is expensive anyway, but you’ll be paid quite a bit more than the rest of the country, so enjoy it and look out for great deals at shops and supermarkets (grocery stores) to save you money on your budget.

Space Saver

Get used to the fact that things are smaller in London. Not only is space at a [premium in this city, but household appliances are generally much smaller than in the States]. If you are renting an apartment in London, or even a house in one of the suburbs, and you want to ship your household appliances from another country, you might find that you have to take a door off to get them in. Most companies have the ability to move things in through the top floor windows in London, so you night have to get them in that way.

There are so many little pointers that will make moving easier and less hassle. Just keep absorbing information, and getting out there to meet people and experience life in London to the full.

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