Living in London gives you the chance to do all of the top tourist attractions and then once you’ve settled into your new rental and established yourself as a Londoner, you can break out and do some of the more unusual things that Londoner’s like to do for entertainment.

The Secret Supper Club is one of London’s quirkier ways of being entertained of an evening. Think of it as a sort of ‘underground’ restaurant style of dining. Secret supper clubs became popular in late 2009, perhaps in a response to the recession or maybe to the overwhelming demand of Londoners for something completely different.

There are a number of Secret Supper Clubs and the location is never the same. Many of them are found in private homes and some Secret Supper Clubs change their venue each week. You don’t book a table at a Secret Supper Club; you become a member of the club. Of course you can find a listing of Secret Supper Clubs on the internet, but by the time they hit the web, they’re not really secret any more. Rather ask around your swinging London set for an introduction to the underground scene of wining and dining in secret.

One week you could be wined and dined in the cellar of a London home, and the next enjoying a secret roof top location. It definitely takes the hassle out of reading reviews or choosing a style of cuisine for your evening out. With secret suppers, you’ll have no choice over the menu, or the quality to be perfectly fair, but it does make for an interesting evening out and the chance to make new friends while you’re living in London.

There are many attractions that are carefully guarded by the locals from turning into tourist traps, but now that you’re living here, it might just be time for you to discover some of London’s best kept secrets.

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