Oh yes. You might be living in London but you’re only a real local when you can tick these attributes off your list. It might seem like an unfriendly and daunting city when you first arrive, but moving here will give you the opportunity to experience so much more than you ever imagined.

  • You start dressing like a local. The only rule of fashion is that there are no rules! Locals are a fashionable lot and if you work in ‘the city’ you soon start dressing with an eye for fashionable suits. Even casual, is chic when you’re here.
  • You don’t bat an eyelid when someone throws themselves in front of a train. It’s just an inconvenience. You don’t make eye contact with anyone on your tube journey into the city to work.
  • You’re always in a hurry. Real locals are always rushing everywhere, even when they are not. You’ll know that you’re a local when you stride through the streets of the city and make it your own.
  • You love your new rental and despite it being the size of a postage stamp. You’ve thrown away all of your massive appliances from home and you only need a small fridge that stores three days worth of groceries.
  • You can’t imagine why people shop in bulk. You can’t eat a month’s groceries in one day, so why bother buying them!
  • When you start using the proper names of the tube lines on the map, then you can consider yourself a true local. Only tourists refer to them by their color.
  • You stop being impressed by the goings on of the Royals. But you seriously get excited when you see a celeb in your favorite restaurant.

The biggest change will be after you have been living here for at least a year. You’ll have survived the steamy summer and the biting cold of winter. You’ll own more than one umbrella and a good number of coats. You’ll have forgotten to convert prices back to your home currency and suddenly you wake up one morning, you’ll love the smog, the rudeness on the tube and the size of your home will be perfect. Yes! You’re now a REAL local.


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