It’s all good and well to say that you must register with a local GP as soon as you are living in London, but where do you find a doctor in your area? How does health insurance work? It’s quite important to have a doctor who is local especially if you are moving to London with a young family. If you are not registered with a GP and have a case of something slightly more serious that the sniffles, but have not lost a limb, then you’ll have to resort to using a National Health centre which will mean a wait of several hours.

The National Health website should be your first stop when you are searching for a doctor in your area. The NHS has a list of all doctors in London as well as dentists, pharmacies and hospitals if you need them. All you do is type in the postcode of your new London apartment and you’ll get a list of the doctors closest to you, with a handy map for your reference. Be sure to check if the practice takes on new patients and have a look at the detailed information on the doctor and the practice.

You don’t have to make an appointment to see the doctor if you are registering at the surgery. You can complete the application form and leave it with the reception staff so you have a file when you do call for an appointment. It might be wise though to have a check up, and meet your new doctor when you first arrive.

Everyone who is legally allowed to be in England is entitled to the free healthcare services provided by the government. The service is efficient and of a high quality. Not many people in England have additional health insurance, but if your employer offers it then take it. Having insurance means that you may be able to get in to see a specialist much faster than if you wait for your turn on the NHS list.


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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS