If you are moving to London then you will want to know where to go and what to do if you have an emergency. While you will be able to find all the information that you need once you get there, it might be nice to have a list of numbers that you can have as you arrive. No one wants to think about the fact that they may need the help of one of the emergency services, but the fact is that it is always better to be prepared for anything. You do not want to feel stranded in your new London rental apartment without having the number of all the emergency services readily available.

Living in London: The London equivalent of 911

If you need the services of the police, fire brigade, or an ambulance in an emergency, then you have to dial 999 from your landline or mobile and you will be connected in moments to the emergency service of your choice. If you want to report a crime that is not considered an emergency, then you can dial 101 from your phone and you will be connected with the local police station that will be able to assist you.

If you are looking for medical advice and need to call the NHS, then you can dial 08 45 46 47 and they will be able to assist you over the telephone with medical advice on a 24 hours basis. If you need to get to an emergency room, you should remember that it is called A & E in London, not ER. A & E stands for Accident and Emergency and they can be found at large hospitals. A & E  will only treat serious cases and you do not need to have an appointment. Not all hospitals have an A & E department so you need to find out the name and address of the hospitals in your area that have 24-hour emergency departments, in case of a serious accident or other life-threatening situation. London, being a cosmopolitan city, has dozens of hospitals with excellent emergency departments and you will receive excellent care.

If you have a minor medical emergency, then you will have to go to an MIU (Minor Injuries Unit). They treat broken bones and other non-life threatening emergencies. There might be a bit of a wait at your local MIU, but the service you receive is free,, and if it is potentially serious then you will be transferred to a medical unit immediately. If you need medication in a hurry and it is out of hour then you can find a late night chemist, or call Natcol: 0845 500 4999, which is an online 24-hour chemist that is regulated by the NHS. Chemists or pharmacists often have specialized knowledge about medications and will be able to help you with minor medical issues.

Living in London means that you are part of a highly organized and excellent city, and the medical attention of some of the finest in the world. The 999 emergency services are quick and efficient and if you ever need them, they are there for you.

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