Living in London will give you loads of opportunities to explore the rest of England as well as your new city. If you’re looking for some interesting day-trips out of the city as a part of your immersion into English life and culture then you should take a trip to Stonehenge and the nearby city of Salisbury which has a magnificent cathedral that is well worth a visit.

If you want to get out of your London apartment for the day and head out of town, then you can hire a car or use public transport to reach the historic site of Stonehenge. It is only about 90 miles west of the city and you can be there in a couple of hours. The easiest way though is to book a guided tour of Stonehenge which will include your transport from London. It is not any more expensive that hiring a car or using public transport and you get the added advantage of being with a tour guide who really knows about the place.

Stonehenge is the site of myth and legend; no one knows for sure, how it was built, why it was built or even when it was built. If you’re taking a daytrip to Stonehenge while you living in London, you’d better do some research before you go! Stonehenge was not built at once. It is thought to have been constructed over decades by a Neolithic people nearly 5000 years ago. Dating the ‘stones’ though changes with each new report and analysis put forward. Everyone agrees on the fact that it is old!

The arrangement of the stones has a lot to do with the mystery and legend of the place. The summer solstice celebrations at Stonehenge attract thousands of people to watch the sunrise over the ‘heel’ stone at the north-east point of the arrangement. Stonehenge plays further into the correlation between the sun and moon by having stone sets that match up with the number of days between the cycles of the full moon.

Stonehenge is not the only example of this type of structure and there are over 1000 ‘henges’ scattered across the British Isles. Seeing Stonehenge though, while you are living in London is an awe inspiring look at engineering and history as well as the myth and legend of the place.


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