If you are moving to London with your children, then one of your primary concerns is going to be whether or not they are going to have an adequate education while they are in England. The debate rages endlessly about the standard of education in most countries, but the fact of the matter is that if you are traveling to London with children then your choice of schools and schooling for them might have a massive impact on where you are going to live. In most cases you have to live in the catchment area of a specific school for your child to be accepted into the school. If you have a London apartment in an area that is out of the school district of a particular school, then you might struggle a bit to get your child accepted.

Schooling in England – A brief overview

Children are required to attend school between the ages of five and sixteen. They may start earlier than this but have to be enrolled in a school in the term after they turn five. State education in England is free and nearly 90% of all children attend state schools, with the rest attending fee-paying private (public) schools. If you are living in London then there are a number of excellent international schools that follow the International Baccalaureate programme. You will also be able to find private schools that follow the American system if you want to.

If your child is nearing college age then you might want him or her to continue with their curriculum, so as not to affect their grade point average.   But if your children are younger, then they may benefit from a couple of years in an English school. It will certainly widen their sphere of knowledge and all round education. They will also be able to make friends with other children who live in the neighbourhood.

Leaving school at the age of sixteen is equivalent to getting a GED. If your children want to enter university or college in England then they will have to complete a further two years of education, which is known as A-levels, in order for them to have the required academic standard to enter an instituition of higher learning.

Catchment Area

Children have to attend the school that is closest to their home. In each suburb or area they may be a number of schools for you to choose from, based on the needs of your child, but you will have to choose the area that you live in carefully, if you are moving to London with small children. Most schools in London have a website, and you will be able to apply online once you know where you are residing. Schooling in England offers a well rounded and academic education.

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