Moving to London with a family means that you will be thinking about education and schools. The state schools system delivers an excellent all round education for pupils between the ages of five and sixteen, but to attend a certain school you have to live in the catchment area of the school. If you are looking for something more specialized for your children, or they have been attending a private school at home and you would like to continue with that type of education, then there are a number of excellent private schools in England that accept children on a fee-paying basis. Just be aware of the fact that private education in England is exorbitantly expensive.

Private AND Public Schools In London

If you are moving to London then you might hear the term “public school”, this is just the term that is used to describe private schools in England; schools run by the government are referred to as state schools. England is home nearly 3000 private schools, of which about a thousand are boarding schools. There are five categories of private schooling in England.

  • Pre-Preparatory and preparatory Schools take children from the ages of four until thirteen. Senior Schools accept pupils form the ages of thirteen until eighteen.  There are a number of Sixth form or A-level Colleges that accept pupils for the express purpose of writing their A-levels to be able to attend a university in England. There are also a number of International Schools in London that follow a different curriculum and you may want to consider one of them.
  • You do not have to live in the area of a school to be able to attend it. As long as you can pay the fees, then you may apply for enrollment to a school. Just be aware though, that some schools have quite stringent rules and regulations as well as academic requirements that have to be fulfilled before they accept pupils.
  • Due to the expense of private schooling in England and London, it is vital that you spend some time researching the best schools that will be beneficial to your child. Some schools offer specialized education, while others have extremely long waiting lists; we’re talking years not months here!

If you are looking for something a little more familiar, then there are a number of fine schools in London that follow the American curriculum and structure their schools around an American social system,  They even function following the American school year dates. There are also schools that cater to the European community here, offering the International Baccalaureate instead of GCSE’s.   There are a number of websites that are devoted to the grading and listing of the best private schools in London, and while state schools are not supposed to be graded or ranked, you’ll find a great deal of information on the internet regarding the better state schools.  All of which may be beneficial in helping you choose a London home for you are your family while you are living in London.

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