If you are living in London and struggling to find employment there are a variety of opportunities that one can take to earn a living. If you are determined to accomplish something as a resident of London then you should grab these opportunities while you can.

Mobile Office

If you have clients that are willing to work with you entirely online and if you remain committed to checking emails and completing your work then you can take your office on the road. You can continuously look out for new trends and marketing ideas to enhance your clients’ vision and needs. You also need to be tech savvy to ensure that you stay up to date with latest technological changes which are recurrent.

Farm work

England has a vast country side and you can roll up your sleeves and get in touch with nature. There is always fruit to be picked somewhere or manure to be shovelled. It might not be a glamorous job but it is a cash in hand job so you get your money immediately. Its hard work and your hours may be restricted because of weather conditions and when you’re paid by the hour that’s not good news. However its work and it is a great way to get a tan and be out in the fresh air.

Au Pair

It might not be the most cutting edge job on the block but it is a good way to plant your feet in a new country. This is could include part time nanny and also doing minimal housework as when required. You have the option of choosing number of children you can manage and age group as well.

Teaching English to Foreigners

This is a tried and tested way of making money. Requirements vary but most require English first language proficiency, some tertiary qualification and relevant work experience which is an added advantage. There is an influx of foreign nationals to London and by registering with the proper institutions while living in London, you can teach English at one of the many private language schools that cater to foreigners.

So if you are still weighing your career options while settling in you can look into these options to put your own personal stamp on London. Living in London will be challenging and exciting and you’ll soon find your way in this vibrant city.

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