Moving to a new country means you’ll have to get used to the different types of bills that you will be expected to pay. Most bills come monthly in the UK and it might be worthwhile knowing what you can expect to have dropping through the letterbox of your London apartment.

Typical Monthly Bills that you’ll be liable for when living in London:

  • Housing costs: Whether you are renting or paying off a mortgage, you’ll be expected to pay your accommodation costs on a monthly basis. In the case of a rental, your landlord or letting agent will probably ask you to set up a debit order to your bank account.  This means that the money will be deducted from your bank account on a specific day of the month.
  • Council Tax: This is a tax that is levied on a property that has to be paid whether you are renting or have bought your London home. The amount of council tax you will have to pay varies according to the area of London in which you live. It is graded in bands (A-H) and is based on the value of the property. The council tax bill is sent out on an annual basis and you have the option of paying it as a lump sum or dividing the payments over TEN months. If you move during the year, you are responsible for informing the local council so that your details can be changed and new council tax responsibilities calculated.
  • Car Tax: This is a big one if you’re living in London. Apart from having to pay the congestion charge to drive a motor vehicle in London, you will have to pay car insurance and car tax on your vehicle. Do not fall behind on your payments or you could face a stiff fine or even have your car impounded.
  • Electricity/Gas/Water: You’ll receive a monthly bill based on your usage of each utility during the month. Look around for the most competitive prices for gas and electricity as they can be expensive.
  • TV Licence Fee: This is an annual fee levied by the BBC for the right to watch world-renowned British public broadcasting.

Your other bills may include satellite TV (cable),  internet, and mobile phone services. Living in London is expensive and you’ll have to keep track of all of your monthly payments so you don’t fall into arrears.


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