Part of the moving process will be your packing and storage before you leave your home town. Packing for an international move is a lot more complicated than a local move. You need to be fairly organized to make sure that when you’re unpacking in your new rental that you’re able to settle in as fast as possible.

  • The Goodie Box: This is a box that contains essential items that you’ll need immediately. A first aid kit, some snacks from home, toiletries and other items that you may need immediately. I always like to include fresh, clean linen in my international goodie box. The first thing that I do when settling into a new home is to make the bed! That way, even if you’re not finished unpacking at the end of a long day, you can slip into bed without having to hunt through your boxes to find clean sheets!
  • Pack Wise: Don’t overload your boxes for transport. It might be fine when the moving company is in charge of them, but when you have to heft them up three flights of stairs to your new London apartment, you’ll appreciate the value of packing light. If you do have to pack really heavy items then pack them in smaller boxes to try and distribute the weight.
  • Use your linen and towels to wrap breakables: You’re packing two things at once that way. Use large containers such as pots to put smaller items in, it saves space and money when you’re paying by the box. Remember to check if your electrical appliances will work when you are living here. Getting conversions done is expensive and a waste of time. If it won’t work, leave it behind!
  • Label ALL of your boxes according to what room they need to go into. If you have time to list all of the contents, do it on a separate spread sheet and categorize your boxes by number as well.

Don’t try to do everything in one day when you’re trying to get settled in. Take frequent breaks and spend some time in your new neighborhood. You’ll be stuck into the daily grind of work and travel soon enough when you’re living in London.


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