When you’ve touched down in Old Blighty and you’re settled into you’re new flat, you’ll want a list of shops that are convenient and centrally located that you can get to without busting your budget or your back to get there. It is a huge amount of fun to explore the quaint an unusual markets and stores while you’re living in London, but if you’re looking for a pint of milk and a newspaper or an aspirin for a headache, then you’ll need to go to your local shops.


When you’re looking for a drug store in a hurry, “Boots” is you first choice, they are found everywhere in London and they sell everything from toiletries to prescribed medication. They have wonderful chemists, or pharmacists who will help you with over the counter medication and they have a great range of make-up and other bathroom products on sale.

Grocery Stores

Sainsbury’s is where you want to head when you have just arrived to start living here. They have a full range of groceries and special offers and you can even ask them to deliver to your new rental. They are well priced and good value for money grocery stores and are found across London in every neighborhood.


Grocery stores are great but if you need an emergency tin of beans or loaf of bread then your newsagent is where you’re going to go. Located on most streets, this is also known as the corner shop. Newsagents sell everything under the sun, and you can buy your London Transport Pass, airtime for your mobile phone, sweets and cigarettes. They also oddly enough, sell newspapers and magazines!

You’ll always be able to find a store open, there are late night chemists in some areas and late night grocery stores at petrol (gas) stations open throughout the night, and you’ll never have to worry about running out of any item in your home when you’re living in London.


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