If you’re planning on moving by 2012, you can be a part of the momentous global event that is the Olympics!  The Summer Olympics are coming here in 2012, and in order to support the vast number of events that will be held citywide, they’re in great need of volunteers, or what are officially termed “Games Makers,” as they are literally what will make the games happen!

The deadline for the 2012 Games Maker applications is this Wednesday, 27 October.

In order to do this, you will first need to register at the official 2010 website.  Next, you’ll be guided through a 30-40 minute online application, which you can save and return to later if unable to complete it all at once.

This is your chance to get involved in what will become a significant event in history!  What better way to highlight your London relocation indeed as a citizen of the world.

Even if you’re not keen on volunteering, you can still share in the 2012 Olympic experience ahead of time thanks to the ideas suggested in Harriet Baskas’s travel article, “Experience London ahead of the 2012 Olympics.”   As Ms. Baskas states:

“We’re 648 days away from opening ceremonies at the London Summer Games, but the city is already offering visitors a sneak peek at Olympic Park, venues and a wide range of Games-inspired arts and cultural events.”

Read on in her article to get a feel for what those peeks can include at www.msnbc.msn.com.  In addition to this resource, I’ve compiled several websites below that are specifically geared toward touring these future 2012 Olympic sites:

Tour Guides Ltd.Tours for the 2012 Games

Guided Tours of 2012 Sites

About.com – 2012 Olympic Park Tour

Ludus London Games Tours

The Kings Ferry 2012 Tours

Salta Tours International – Olympic Venues & East Tours

The 2012 Olympic Games…make them happen just like you will your dreams of moving to London!

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