Author: Colleen

There is a reason why we at London Relocation Ltd. will not schedule your viewings on your same day of arrival in London.  That reason, my relocating friends, is the very one that I am fighting against this moment…the thing that renders us a bit dizzy and disoriented…JET-LAG.

Just when I think I’ve become such the jet-setter who can depart Chicago and step right into a London life 8 hours later (a time lag further compounded by the 6-hour time difference)…meh.  I arrived back in the UK at 8:00am this morning and am resuming my work duties as usual, but I’m paying the price for it.  A 12-hour flight can be conducive to decent sleep, but an 8-hour one?  Nah.  Between the 2 meals served that will inevitably wake you, you realistically only get a maximum of 4 hours to work with, at which point you then have to factor in the quality of that upright, cramp-legged sleep.  I can barely handle it just sitting at a desk; imagine popping in and out of 20 properties and having to make the decision that will determine your refuge for the next year!  Nope, take our advice and spend that first day of arrival napping at your hotel and otherwise getting acclimated.  We want you refreshed and rejuvinated with a clear, calm, open mind come viewing day.

Here’s a tip on recovering from jet-lag relatively quickly that will be helpful for your future flights as well as those of all the visitors that will be clamouring to have a hip holiday based out of your flat:

– If you take an overnight flight (recommended!), do try and get as much sleep as possible on the way over.  It will never be enough, as I grunted above, but it will be a foundation that gets you through the necessities of safely navigating your way off the plane, through customs, to baggage claim and beyond.  Have a coffee or take a caffeine/energy placebo of choice to get you through a few more hours, say to mid afternoon.  At this point, you should nap if you can, but don’t stretch it beyond 1 or 2 hours!  If you succumb to your slumber in the daytime, you’ll only be setting yourself up for a sleepless night.  So take that cat nap, force yourself up and out of bed, have a nice dinner, and keep yourself up until your normal bedtime hour (in local time, of course).  If you can then get an 8-hour sleep overnight, you’ll be surprised how well adjusted you’ll already be by that next day.

– If you take a daytime flight, you’ll arrive  here in the evening and won’t be a lick tired until probably 4am.  In this case, you just have to do your best to get to bed at as normal a bedtime as possible to regulate your schedule–otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for an unproductive cycle of late nights and sleeping in.  This is much tougher to overcome (for me personally, anyway), which is why I opt not to take daytime flights.

– Either way, sleep well beforehand, drink a lot of liquids, and take your vitamins!  This will help your body better adapt.

London Relocation Ltd. looks forward to seeing you when you’re all rested and smiley 🙂

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