For many Americans moving to London there is no choice in the matter – they simply must go due to a corporate relocation.  They wonder, though, how to move to London when both the US and British economies are so weak.  While it may be difficult it is not impossible.  By arming oneself with the right knowledge the move can be done with as little financial output as possible.  Once here a family can actually live quite well while pinching pennies.

How to Move to London Inexpensively – Transportation

Most people are a little overwhelmed when they hear they are relocating because the city is known for being so expensive.  While that may be true the cost of living is counted for in an international relocation and hopefully one’s company will compensate for the increase in costs.  One good thing for most Americans wondering how to move to London with everything being so expensive is that a vehicle will not be needed.  In most families everyone over the age of sixteen has a vehicle so that can be a significant savings right there.

How to Move to London Inexpensively – Food

London may be a major world city but there is plenty of fresh, local food.  Buying from local vendors and farmers is a great way to save a lot of money.  Americans rely too much on fast and convenience foods.  Here, like much of Europe, families eat little fast food and cooking is an intricate part of the family experience.  Not only will a family’s wallet feel better by cooking more and eating out less, the family’s waistlines will as well.

How to Move to London Inexpensively – Activities

The best advice for any family or individual wondering how to move to London without breaking the bank is to enjoy all the history, culture and outdoor activities the city has to offer.  Being one of the largest cities in the world there is plenty to do.  Parks are located everywhere and are a great way to enjoy a beautiful day without spending any money.  There are also many museums and exhibits that cost nothing or very little.

Moving will cost some money but it does not have to bankrupt a family.  Rather than worry oneself about how to move to London during a bad economy families should see the move as a personal challenge to save as much money as possible while still enjoying their new town.

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