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Where to live in London?

Where to live in London?

This is the right way!

A quick conversation with me will do it… We shall talk about your budget, work, school, safety commute and lifestyle…

Are you a Chelsea person? Does Chelsea fit in your commute?
Notting hill? Shortage? Hampstead?
St Johns wood? Old Street? Marylebone? Mayfair? Kensington? South Kensington?

Do you like walks in parks… Do you like Greenery?
Do you like the sophistication of trendy restaurant or cafe?
Are you bohemian?
Are you into media or warehouses?
What do you do in your free time?
Art exhibitions?
Gallery openings?

Are you a home body?
Do you keep to yourself?
How do you want to travel?
Bus? Tub? Walk?

How old are you?
Where are you from?
Are you Gay? Straight? Married? Single?

This is the start of the needs assessment with London Relocation Services.

These Questions and learning more about you makes it possible for me to place all my clients in one day

Please contact me by phone or email
And I’ll ring you back in your home country and we shall get you placed fast.

Thanks and speak soon

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