Or Red Leicester, or Wensleydale, perhaps…(when you move here you’ll learn that these are all cheeses among the infinite variety produced here).

The point being that a market-research opportunity has come my way seeking Americans living in London to trial (for FREE) a premium brand electric toothbrush that otherwise retails at £120.  In particular, they seek:

A male & female (mid 30’s) – possibly a couple.

Professional male (aged 40 plus)

Professional female (early to mid 30’s)

Mother & Child (the child needs to be 9 years old or above)

It’s my understanding that as of now, they are in most need of males in their 30s, as they already have many women and people in their 40’s who are interested.

After sampling the toothbrush for a couple weeks, you might also be asked to be filmed for marketing purposes.  If you’re keen, please contact Ben Reid of Wild Iris Films at +44 (0)774 312 9595.

If you’re still in the process of relocating to London, my apologies if I’ve made you feel left out :(, but surely there will be plenty more opportunities like this coming your way after you’ve moved that will put a pretty, sparkling smile on your face—it is just like that.

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