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The Market stalls!!! Wow Notting Hill
The Market stalls!!! Wow Notting Hill

Today is cloudy!!!!!!

Kensington and Chelsea is a popular borough for Americans in London. The neighborhood of Notting Hill has great markets and are great places to get fresh fruit and Veg. Every morning these guys are up at 5am getting set up for the massive market day ahead…YUMEEEEE!!

Also, if you arrive at six in the evening, vendors must sell all the stock or it spoils…So you can achieve mass amounts of fruit and veg for next to nothing (good prices!).

Copious amounts of coffee are being served to onlookers arriving at curious times to watch the millions who flock to see the prestigious, funky market do its thing.

The French, Italians, English, Americans, Canadians, and Germans all come for the weird allure of Notting Hill.

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