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No, I’m not turning this blog into a forum of theological debate.  I’m actually operating at quite a lower level, the lowest rung, in fact, of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need to focus yet again on…*drumroll*…FOOD.  People who relocate to another country are perhaps the most open-minded of their species to cultural differences, rendering them willing volunteers to assimilate to their new environment.  This is true for North Americans in London as well, but, when it comes down to it, now and then you need that fix, that lil’ somethin’ familiar of home.  I have clearly expounded enough on my quest for Mexican food and am now moving on to that ever-craved creation that is oh-so versatile as a warm dinner or a cold leftover breakfast right out of its foil from the fridge.  I speak, of course, of PIZZA.

The abundance of Italian restaurants in the city yields an ever-creative assortment of crisp, thin-crusted pizzas with unconventional (to an American, at least) toppings of egg, proscuitto, corn, eggplant, etc.  I’ve consumed infinite quantities of such by now…SO good.  Yet the fact remains that sometimes this Chicago gal wants a somewhat thicker, doughier crust.  Chicago-style itself is not to be found, though you can still go the Dominoes or Papa John’s delivery route, but my delivery or eat-in pizza of choice these days comes from the bowels of HELL.  Founded in New Zealand and only to be found so far in the Commonwealth (those lucky Canadians are getting it soon), Hell Pizza is an experience on so many levels–the website alone is, pardon my lingo, a hell of a lot of fun if you have the patience to wait for it to load (click on the little white devils running around the bottom of the screen to lift them up and throw ’em around).  While you can customise your own pie to your liking, the pre-designed offerings (named after the 7 Deadly Sins and other evil terminology) offer a most random combination of flavours that work sinfully well with one another (Grimm, for example, which offers chicken, cream cheese, pine nuts, spring onions, apricot sauce, and rosemary, is a delightful surprise).  The crust is more typical of American-style pizza while still offering a unique, edgy twist via the toppings.  The most naughty feature yet:  dine in at either of their Fulham or Shepherd’s Bush atmospheric, blackened and flaming red locations on Tuesday night, and it’s all you can eat for £6 per person from 18:00-21:00!  Walk in, pay your fee, get your tin plate, and the pizza will come to you via a 3-tiered tray of options that the staff carries around to you in continuous rounds.  Wicked bliss.

While London Relocation Ltd.‘s aim is to spare you the hell that can accompany an international move, once you’re settled in, we’re only too eager to encourage you to dine out or order in from this Hell on Earth.

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