When you find a flat, you will surely be thinking about how to stay entertained while residing in the city. This can be done in a number of ways but a great way to socialize and have memorable evenings with friends and family, is to watch some classical and opera events. London is known for its fantastic venues that seat thousands and in these venues, you can regularly find different events for classical and opera after you find a flat. Brahms Violin Concerto On Thursday May 24th 2012, you should take a trip to the Barbican Hall. Many people who find a flat in London enjoy classical music and the Brahms Violin Concerto offers just this. Isabelle Faust is a professional soloist who heads the event for Brahms Violin Concerto and the show reflects dark and light times of life. This show begins at 7.30pm and entry price ranges from £10 – £30. The BBC Symphony Orchestra have been organizing events just like this for classical music enthusiasts throughout 2011 and 2012 and the Brahms Violin Concerto is the final of its kind, so do not miss this when you find a flat in London. Doctor Dee Doctor Dee is an opera based show for those who find a flat in London. Tickets are priced from £15 and the show begins at 7.30pm. Many dates are available for Doctor Dee, from June 26th to mid July 2012. London Coliseum is the destination for this opera show and you can expect the music to reflect Britain and its symbolism. The Manchester International Festival in 2011 saw a premiere for Doctor Dee and the audience, as well as critics, had many positive comments to make about the piece. André de Ridder conducts the show and has been praised by people who find a flat in London for the magic and astrology that is present throughout. Beethoven Piano Concerto Cycle Any lover of Beethoven who chooses to find a flat will not want to miss the Beethoven Piano Concerto Cycle at the Royal Albert Hall. Tickets should be purchased in advance so that seats are available and you can purchase tickets for as little as £20. The show begins at 7.45pm and March 21st – March 23rd are some available dates in the next few days. It is worth conducting some research if you cannot attend on these dates, because some alternative dates may be available. When you find a flat, indulge in the fantastic piano pieces at this classical music event.

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