Singles moving to London often want to experience the exciting nightlife of clubs and pubs as well as mingle with London’s multicultural singles.  With London being much more expensive than the typical Unites States city many are shocked to discover staying on a reasonable budget and pub-hopping often does not go hand in hand.  A little planning, though, and one can meet other singles, enjoy their pints and still experience all that London has to offer in its vibrant social scene.

Bring the Drink

Many folks are shocked to discover that many restaurants allow guests to bring their own alcohol to dinner.  This is quite a cost saver for those moving here. By planning a little in advance expats can locate restaurants offering this service (and they usually charge a small corking fee) and stop off at a Telco on their way to dinner and buy an affordable bottle of wine.  Although not nearly as glamorous as buying a bottle of champagne for the table, it allows many Americans having survived moving to London to enjoy dinner out at a restaurant.

Drink on the Go

Most American cities have open-container laws which do not allow individuals to drink alcoholic beverages in public.  No such laws exist in London and sipping a beer on the way to the Tube is perfectly normal and acceptable.  If going out with mates for a night on the town anyone on a budget can start drinking before hitting expensive pubs and clubs.  Those not too proud to admit the drinks out are a bit pricey can buy their ale or bitter at a grocery and drink it on the way saving their money for more important things.

Drink at Home

Although it seems a bit cliché many Americans after moving have found that hosting dinners and barbeques are a much more affordable option for socializing than hitting clubs.  There are many benefits to hosting a dinner besides saving money.  One’s home is always a more intimate setting and probably one’s new mates are on a budget as well.  Just like in the States expats should make a dinner party a potluck and BYOB if really needing to stick to a budget.

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