Author: Colleen

If you’re relocating to London, one thing you can be relieved about is that it won’t be that huge of a culture shock–we’re really more similar than different in so many ways, but don’t dare lull yourself into a comfort zone on the basis of already knowing the English language.  As any UK native or American expat will tell you, British English and American English are two different languages, so get out your pocket translator Clark Griswald-style and get to work cracking the code in advance.  Otherwise, you may be setting yourself up for some royal embarassment if you compliment someone on their “pants” rather than their “trousers” or make reference to someone’s “fanny” (it’s not on the side that you think it is…).

To assist, I will provide you will a couple cyber-Rosetta Stones:

The Very Best of British:  The American’s Guide to Speaking British – (written by a Brit)

United Kingdom English for the American Novice – (written by an American)

With common understanding, English, too, can be a language of love 🙂  Let London Relocation Services help you out further with your cultural transitioning–we’re American-owned, so we speak your language!

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