Author: Colleen

As an American living in London, one of the most difficult adjustments of an already tough transition was accepting the fact that if I ever wanted to eat remotely passable Mexican food again, I would have to either book my next flight home or, more economically, run out to Somerfield and buy an Old El Paso taco kit to experiment with at home.  I have yet to find that Elusive Enchilada oozing with spicy yet sweet mole sauce in the UK, suffering instead through well-intentioned, yet poor attempts.  It’s like all the right components are there, but it’s just the wrong stuff:  the wrong kind of cheese, the wrong kind of beans (use refried, not kidney!!!), the wrong kinds of toppings (I recently ate pub nachos topped in “salsa” that was really tomato sauce belonging on pasta).  In Ireland, there were actually alfafa sprouts.  Blasphemy!

The light at the end of the churro?  Well, I don’t see enchiladas on the menu per se (get those at Crazy Homies–amazing!), but the hands-down most authentic Mexican (and I mean Mexican-Mexican, not American-Mexican) cuisine that I’ve tasted in London is at Taqueria, on Westbourne Grove in Notting Hill.  The soft-shell tacos are served tapas style so that you can order up a plethora of choices to share with the table.  I miss the shallow bowl of a standard margherita glass, but sipping this nectar of the Aztec gods from a martini one suffices just fine.  My latest beverage discovery was the Michelada de Guadalajara, which is basically the cerveza version of a Bloody Mary.

Located just down the street from London Relocation Ltd.‘s Notting Hill office, the restaurant is a local treasure for which we’re muchas grateful.  Adios alfalfa enchiladas, hola Taqueria!

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