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Let’s talk about it:  If you don’t get coffee right…it’s horrible. Luckily, London is close to Europe and is not all Americanised Carmel cold whatever…

I hate to be blunt, but if it takes you 10 minutes to order your coffee, you’re in it for the wrong reason.

Coming from the States I never actually was given the opportunity to have good coffee. It just was not an issue. Many Americans think they have it well; in fact, they don’t.

Europeans have been doing coffee for years and they do it right.

We in the States have taken a Mexican burrito and put it in a vat of grease and now we have a Chimichanga… get my drift?

Try these-

Basic coffee names:

Italian Vocabulary List: For Good Coffee

  • caffè (espresso)—a small cup of very strong coffee, i.e., espresso
  • caffè Americano—American-style coffee, but stronger; weaker than espresso and served in a large cup
  • caffè corretto—coffee “corrected” with a shot of grappa, cognac, or other spirit
  • caffè doppio—double espresso
  • caffè freddo—iced coffee
  • caffè Hag—decaffeinated coffee
  • caffè latte—hot milk mixed with coffee and served in a glass for breakfast
  • caffè macchiato—espresso “stained” with a drop of steamed milk: small version of a cappuccino
  • caffè marocchino—espresso with a dash of hot milk and cacao powder
  • caffè stretto—espresso with less water; rocket fuel!
  • cappuccino—espresso infused with steamed milk and drunk in the morning, but never after lunch or dinner
  • granita di caffè con panna—frozen, iced beverage (similar to a slush, but ice shavings make it authentic) and topped with whipped cream

And try illy Coffee, by far the best, you can buy it anywhere in the world.

Speak soon!

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