St Patrick’s Day falls among us on 17th March and the whole of the city and everyone living in London flats will surely be celebrating. If you have just moved into your apartment, or if you are visiting the city and wondering about what is happening in the location on this date, then look no further. When residing in London flats you will find that every event throughout the year has some kind of commencement, and St Patrick’s Day is no different.

London St Patrick’s Day Parade On March 18th 2012, the St Patrick’s Day Parade will be held for everyone living in London flats. Many floats, bands and street theatre acts can be found here so whatever the weather, you are guaranteed to have a blast. Take a trip to Hyde Park Corner, either by walking or catching the tube, and begin your day here. People from all Irish countries (32 in total) will be represented and the Irish flag will be flying high. The day starts at 12 noon and those taking part can march through the colourful streets of London, to end up at Trafalgar Square. Don’t forget to indulge in the Guinness, so that you can get involved in the St Patrick’s day atmosphere.

St Patrick’s Day Festival Aside from the St Patrick’s Day Parade, the St Patrick’s Day Festival can be attended for residents of flats too. Venture to Trafalgar Square for this event, which follows directly after celebrations on March 18th. This is the perfect time to socialize and indulge in some Irish culture, with music being played, dance being performed and the finest refreshments and delicacies for all to try. At the St Patrick’s Day festival, Gemma Hayes will be present (an acclaimed musician), Crystal Swing (a well-known Irish group) and the Mulkerrin Brothers, who are a trio of musicians. What’s even more exciting about visiting here when you move into London flats is the fact that experienced and skilled athletes will make an appearance, due to the Olympics taking place shortly.

Irish Community Celebrations Finally, for those who are not ready to stop the celebrations after St Patrick’s Day is over, there will be plenty more events taking place near flats. You can find great music and fine ales at the many pubs and clubs that line corners of the city. In addition to this, the streets will be adorned with musicians and Irish dancers, who want to help you experience a little more about the Irish way of life. Willesden Green Library is a good place to go with the family when living in London flats, because food and drink will be served here all day

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