Time again for another brief compilation of our previous blog posts as well as some new info for those wanting to rent apartments and get their utilities situated. Even if you haven’t yet moved, it can never hurt to research your options in advance, so let’s start by summoning back some recent posts for their curtain call:


1. UK television – Read “Setting up Your Telly When You Relocate to London” and explore the major UK TV providers and determine whether a subscription or “freeview” service is best for you. Depending on your viewing trends as well as telephone/internet usage, compare/contrast pricing on the various service bundles available.

2. UK telephone – Whether you’re only interested in a mobile phone or looking to set up a landline phone as well, check out Belinda’s “Living In London – Get Connected” post as well as my most recent “Weekend Warrior Saturday: What You Can do Today to Prep for Your London Move,” dedicated to UK mobile and landline services.

3. UK online options (TV & phone) – As alternatives to the above, internet technology offers a new generation of cost-savings for watching TV and calling your loved ones: “Saving Money on UK TV When You Relocate to London: Online Options” and “Expat Phone Home.”

4. UK gas & electricty – Okay, there’s no post dedicated to this :), so let me just quickly address it now. There are a slew of gas and electric suppliers servicing the UK, including British Gas, Scottish Power, E.ON, First:Utility, and Southern Electric. I personally use British Gas and cannot speak to the other services and their coverage areas, but try comparing rates, “greenness,” service areas, etc. at a site like the following: moneysupermarket.com, ukpower.co.uk, or electricity-guide.org.uk.

5. UK water – Your service will be through Thames Water, and you will have the option of paying on a metered vs. unmetered basis—in the former case, you pay based on how much water you actually use, and in the latter you pay a fixed rate. Rates will vary by borough, as outlined in the links provided here, but for a ballpark figure, I live in Kensington & Chelsea and have been paying about £35-40 monthly for unmetered usage (and you can dictate your payment date/installment options).

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