Those of you who are relocating to London but still in the States may have noticed ads for a toothbrush similar to that pictured below that started airing just before Christmas. I myself caught the campaign a couple times and was so excited. Why? Was it because I love the toothbrush that much?

Weellll…You might have seen my previous post entitled, “Hey, American Expats in London: Smile & Say Double Gloucester!” in which I mentioned a “premium brand” was looking for Americans living in London to sample its new electric toothbrush. As I may now reveal, the brand was Philips, the toothbrush was Sonicare, and two of the many Americans who agreed to trial it were my husband and I :). I was instructed not to blog about my experience back in October, as the Sonicare “experiment” was to be kept under wraps for the time being.

I figure New Year’s Eve in December when the ad is clearly airing has allowed time enough, so the experience was as such:

A brand new and beautiful Philips Sonicare toothbrush was delivered to our London apartment promptly after completing a brief phone interview and written questionnaire. It came with two separate heads, so my husband and I were both able to give it a go. I admit, I literally giggled when I first tried it, its sonic waves tickling at my gums in a way my old spinning Oral-B toothbrush never did. And, honestly, it really does leave you feeling like you just left the dentist’s office. We were big fans of its different brushing modes straightaway (including one for gum care, which I find incredibly important) and even liked the aesthetic of its design, so gladly shared all of this in an informal video-taped interview conducted at my husband’s office building for our convenience. We were told then that the next step would be a call-back based on this footage to audition for the Philips Sonicare U.S. commercial (ah, so that’s why they were looking for Americans in London specifically…).

They already had plenty of males in my husband’s age category, but they did call me to ask if I was keen to audition. But of course! I was given specific instructions as to what I could or could not wear, and asked to take photos of myself in a selection of outfits to email them for approval. I think I sent 8 different photos before the lucky outfit was approved. Then, I was to await notification on the date and time I would be picked up by a hired car and driven to the studio just on the outskirts of London. The car arrived at my London apartment at the appointed time, and I was whisked away to an experience I could have never anticipated…

To be continued on Monday…in the meantime, HAPPY NEW YEAR from London Relocation!

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