Author: Colleen

One of the major perquisites of relocating to London is its accessibility to other countries.  The UK has enough to offer in and of itself, but even continental Europe can be a quick weekend getaway thanks to the availability of discount airlines like RyanAir and EasyJet.  When my parents visited in April, four of us were able to fly to Munich one-way for £40…TOTAL.  The tickets themselves were practically zero, and it was honestly just the taxes and fees that comprised the rest.  It isn’t always that you can snatch up as cheap a deal as that, but the more flexible you are in dates of travel, the more you’ll benefit.  Some things to consider, though, before you nab a seemingly too-good-to-be-true fare:  Beware of hidden costs, like extra charges for checking any baggage or checking in at the airport versus online in advance.  You’ll also be charged for any food or beverage (but the options offered are much better than anything I’ve seen the likes of American Airlines offer domestically).  Seating is not extraordinarily comfortable (RyanAir seats don’t recline), and the clientele can be questionable (expect the Spring Break mentality).  Lastly, you will fly out of Gatwick, Stansted, or Luton, so depending on which, figure in the cost of transportation to/from the airport.  After these cautonary tidbits, one might be negatively ruminating over the old truth, “You get what you pay for,” but in my opinion, these discount airlines are truly a value for the world of exploration they open to those really looking to broaden their horizons (as opposed to just being the stars of the next “Boozed-Up Brits Abroad” episode…).  Remember, when you relocate to London, your journey doesn’t have to end here.

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