If you haven’t yet moved to London we apologize because the list of our suggested activities below is bound to make you jealous.

On the bright side, if you haven’t yet relocated to London, you found us at the right time. We are destined to make your life easier.

London Relocation does more than offer essential tips for London living. Our main mission is to help our clients find a flat they love in London in a time-sensitive manner. In fact, most people who use our service find a flat in the city in one day. If you’ve already moved to London and need help dealing with the inevitable challenges of establishing a life in a foreign city, we have a service for you too! We help new Londoners set up bank accounts, sign up for cellphone plans, and more. Our settling-in service has a solution for everything. That way, you can spend more time celebrating your new move, and less time waiting in queues.

There is no shortage of ways to have fun in London. You’ll know what we mean once you read the five must-do London activities that made our list.

electric cinema

1. Go watch a flick at Electric Cinema

At London Relocation we love Notting Hill. It’s one of the neighborhoods our clients adore the most. This movie theater in the heart of this fantastic area is a must-see. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and next to a slew of can’t miss restaurants on Portobello Road. Check out show times here.

2. Go see masterpieces at the Royal Academy of Arts

At my favorite place to see art in London awaits a fabulous exhibition. The show “Painting the Modern Garden,” features works by artists like Matisse and Monet. The simple beauty of this exhibit is a great way to celebrate your new move and the arrival of spring! You’ll never tire of the art once you’ve moved to London. From the classics to the wildest, most eclectic art – you’ll find it all in London!

3. Spend a sunny day in a Secret Garden

Now that sunny days are outnumbering rainy ones, it’s time to leave your flat and to see some flowers. We love the overgrown splendor of English gardens, and you will too! We recommend reading this Telegraph list of London’s best places to stop and smell the roses.

4. Watch something wild at The London Burlesque Festival

May sixth through the twenty-second in Camden you have a chance to see some of the world’s top burlesque performers in action. See your fellow Londoners bare-all at shows during the London Burlesque Festival. Afterword, stop by in one of Camden’s dive bars, and you’re in for a gritty London night out.

5. Sip some brew with a Great View

This imperative needs no additional explaining. You can’t go wrong. Condé Nast Traveler recently made a list of the best rooftop bars in London .Every bar that made their list is worth seeing, but we are partial to the first rooftop. Also, partial to gin & tonic, so it’s a win-win for us 😉

Cheers Expats & Welcome to the Good Life!

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