Living in Londonpresents many opportunities for its residents and tourists alike. One of these opportunities is based at the Royal Opera House, one of the most well-known performing arts theatres in the whole city. Creative individuals with a passion for music, dance, acting and comedy will revel in these spectacular surroundings. Every month, something new presents itself here so it is worthwhile learning what is on for summer 2012. With a capacity of just over 2,200 and a history that dates back to 1732, the Royal Opera House is a must-visit landmark to discover while living in London.

Ballo Della Regina / La Sylphide

If you are a lover of royal ballet, then consider venturing to the Royal Opera House for a showing of Ballo Della Regina / La Sylphide when living in London. With shows spread out through the entire month of May 2012, you can uncover more than two hours’ worth of perfectly choreographed ballet moves from the most talented dancers in the industry. Precision and beauty are recognized in this performance, with Verdi music accompanying the dancing. A romantic story plays out through movements, making this an ideal choice when living in London during an anniversary.

The Prince of the Pagodas

For those people living in London with more of a passion for a fairy tale story, The Prince of the Pagodas is a perfect option. Two hours and forty minutes worth of meticulous ballet is stretched out on the Royal Opera House stage. You can get tickets to this performance during June 2012, but it is recommended to book fast because seats can sell out quick. An orchestra can be seen and heard during the show and you can get to know characters, such as Princess Épine. Modern and classical vibes can be felt among this Russian styled ballet show, so if this is your kind of thing, head to the venue when you are living in London.

Tea Dances

Dancing is a great thing to do when living in London, so where better to go than to Tea Dances at the Royal Opera House? Tea Dances are based in conjunction with the well-known tea brand ‘Twinings’. Tickets can be purchased for events in June at a price of £10.50 per person. Refreshments are included in your stay and the evening will last for approximately two hours. As the Royal Opera House Dance Band play in the background, you and your partner or friends can cha cha to many dances. Tea Dances are ideal for those who want to socialize.

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