Art is definitely in the eye of the beholder. London is at the very centre of the art world and has been for hundreds of years. After your relocation you’ll have the opportunity to spend time enjoying the arts and indulging in some serious culture.

Take In A Show

The artistic world is not merely confined to galleries and exhibitions. Your relocation means that you’re right at the very centre of the theatrical world and no one has really experienced London until they have experienced the West End. Hundreds of theatres with world class shows to entertain you and enthrall you.

The theatre going experience is not merely confined to the West End. London has a rich tradition of theatre, reaching back hundreds of years. Yes, this is the country of Shakespeare, Johnson and other theatrical and literary geniuses who have changed the way that the world views entertainment.

The National Theatre

‘The National’, is the name given to the Royal National Theatre and this has been a part of British life and more importantly, London life since Sir Laurence Olivier took the reign as its first artistic director in 1963. In its home close to the River Thames and right next to the Southbank Centre, the National has become an institution of British culture and a beacon for artistic freedom around the world.

The National is a complete arts centre. Presenting plays and theatrical shows, the National has everything under one roof. If you’re looking for a place to start your cultural experience after you relocation to London then the national has to be your very first stop.

The National Theatre is funded wholly by the British public and does not receive a grant from the government to keep it running. This has meant that the centre has had to continually provide an innovative and exciting program to draw the crowds. From Shakespeare and the classics, to cutting edge modern theatre, the National delivers on tradition and creativity.

You don’t even have to take in a show to enjoy a visit to the National. Every day there are free music programs each afternoon from 5.45pm. You can relax and meet friends at any of the spacious bars, or enjoy the setting sun in the outdoor foyer. Tickets for shows at the National can be booked online or at the centre. Prices vary, and start from about £10 per ticket.

Southbank Centre

The Southbank Centre is even bigger than the National, and is considered by many to be the heart of arts and culture in London today. It has become a trendy night spot for those out on the town, and has a huge program of theatre, arts and music to entertain every taste.

Southbank Centre is made up of a number of buildings. The Royal Festival hall and the Queen Elizabeth Hall showcase large concerts, theatre shows and musicals. The Hayward Gallery and the Saison Poetry Library also form part of the massive complex.

Southbank is open 364 days a year and has a number of excellent restaurants, bars and outdoor cafes. This is culture to the max, and Southbank hosts exhibitions, art showings and design shows.

When you are moving to London it is so important that you are able to make time to really enjoy the city. Don’t get bogged down in your daily routine. You’re living in one of the most exciting cities in the world. Get out and enjoy as much of it as you can.

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