Playing tourist while you get settled after a move is a great way to experience everything that the city has to offer. It will give you a sense of being a part of this vibrant city as well as giving you some much needed insight and experience of getting around. This is one of the world’s premier tourist destinations and if you are going to live in this beautiful city, then exploring it as a tourist is a great way to start.

Madame Tussauds

It does not matter if you have just made your move, or have been there a while, if you have not spent some time with Madame Tussaud, then you have not experienced London. Madame Tussaud was an artist who started creating lifelike was sculptures in 1777, and the museum opened in 1884 in its present location and has been enthralling people from all over the world since then. Wander through the history of Great Britain. King’s and Queen’s of all the Royal houses of Europe, as well as a historical tour of all of the great events that have happened through the ages. The horror chamber is a truly frightening experience, and it is extremely lifelike. The modern displays are a tribute to every celebrity or celebrity wannabee that ever had their 15 minutes of fame. Just be careful not to ask directions from any of the door attendants or guards, they won’t answer. They’re made of wax! Madame Tussauds is open every day of the year and they have great special offers for groups and families.

The London Dungeons

Take a trip into the darkest recesses of British history, with the re enactment of some of the most horrific scenes of torture from the Middle Ages right up until the present day. The London Dungeon is fund beneath London Bridge Railway station and is one of the most realistic immersion experiences you will ever have. Learn about Jack the Rippers and other chilling tales of murder and mayhem that have taken place throughout British history. Professional actors and movie like special effects, help to create an atmosphere of chilling reality. It is not for the faint hearted, but great if you are looking to explore the darker side of British history. One word of warning: The smell from the dungeons is extremely authentic, so do not be put off by the stench of decay and rot that assails your senses as you enter the London Dungeon. Avoid the long queues to get in by booking online through the Dungeon website

There is so much to do and see in London that it can be fun to spend the first weeks of your London relocation taking in all of the tourist attractions as you get to grips with your recent move to London.

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